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Friday, May 28, 2010

Its been a while in between blog posts so thought I would jump online and get a bit of a Designko 2010 summary out to the world. The year has been a bit up and down so the team have been really busy working on marketing strategies, servicing our loyal clients and enjoying life with our families as always.

The year so far has seen a number of branding projects and there have been a few we have really enjoyed.

Coulson Body Repairs

This year Glen and the boys down at Coulsons decided to re-brand. They were after something that still had an element with an association to the industry they were in, other things we needed to take into consideration was a new colour scheme and a style guide. Once the branding was completed we assisted with all the stationery design, sign writing and vehicle graphics. We are now in the process of designing their new online presence.

Other branding projects we have enjoyed were... BullBlock, Buds n Beans, Scalpal, Airside and Netko.

In addition to the branding projects Craig and I have been working on some big web development projects and we have also managed to launch a few new ones.

We are in the process of developing a massive ecommerce website for our client Hills Distributors which will be featuring 900+ products, here’s sneaky peek below…..

Trademaster Joinery also launched their new and improved web presence this year. This site is driven by our content management system SiteFusion,  an awesome online business tool supported by Adobe Business Catalyst. The site features eNewsletter capabilities, some custom web app development and as always some kick ass HTML & CSS by @craigstewy the CSS ninja!! We are now in the process of developing the ecommerce section….. heaps of products!

Another big web project we are working on is Petpharm, this is another big site featuring 500+ products. Karen and the team down in Adelaide are rapt with the design we came up with and we are so very close to a launch. The site is an exclusive buying site which targets pharmacists. Again we are using the Adobe Business Catalyst system and utilising the secure zone capabilities which enables only registered users to shop like mad. Under the bonnet, there is also some custom web-apps, literature modules and ad-rotators.

As if that wasn't enough, Printko has been keeping us really busy. Everyday the client base increases as the word and SEO spreads about our offer of well priced, premium quality print products online.

We also working hard on our new brand Netko, Netko will become the umbrella brand for all our hosting and domain clients. We are developing a fully automated system to manage all clients billing and registrations as well as domain management which is something we've been working on putting together for a while now, so look out for that.

Did you know…

In 2009 Designko expanded and is now owned by Groupko. We currently trade under 2 business names, Designko and Printko and in 2010 we will be launching the 3rd entity Netko.

That’s a wrap…c u all soon!

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